How To Send Bitcoin On Cash App: Make Money Using Bitcoin

How To Send Bitcoin On Cash App: Make Money Using Bitcoin

How To Send Bitcoin On Cash App: Make Money Using Bitcoin

Do you know, why is Cash App gaining so much popularity? And why are there millions of users and growing tremendously? Alright, if you want to know the answers, keep reading. Further, many people want to know, can we buy Bitcoin or make money using Bitcoin on the platform? So, this guide will let you know how to send Bitcoin on Cash App and how to make money using Bitcoin on the platform. 

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first and most popular digital currency or cryptocurrency. It is the decentrlised and work on the blockchain technology. Here the term ‘decentralised’ means no single institution can control Bitcoin network. 

Many top financial institutions provide you opportunity to buy Bitcoin. Cash App is also one of such platforms where you can buy Bitcoin. Keep reading to know how to make money with bitcoin on Cash App and how to send Bitcoin on Cash App. 

Before knowing about how to send Bitcoin you have to understand how to buy Bitcoin on the platform. 

How to buy Bitcoin on Cash App 

To buy Bitcoin on Cash App, follow the steps as shown here:

Open Cash App

Scroll down to bottom and select Bitcoin tile icon in the corner

Tap buy Bitcoin 

Enter the amount you want  to buy for

Confirm buy by entering your touch id or PIN.

Once you have bought Bitcoin on Cash App, you can send it to any $Cashtag.

Follow the steps to send Bitcoin on Cash App:

  • Open Cash App
  • Navigate to Cash App payment tab 
  • Tap the USD ‘$’ toggle and select BTC 
  • Enter at least $1 (not less than $1) and  tap Pay
  • Get recipient’s $Cashtag, active phone number, or email address
  • Tap Pay to make P2P transfer

Is there any alternative way to send Bitcoin on Cash App?

Yes, the users can also send Bitcoin on Cash App using Lightning or the Blockchain. The steps:

  • Open Cash App 
  • Tap the Money tab you can find it on the home screen
  • Tap the Bitcoin tile icon 
  • Select Airplane button 
  • Tap Send Bitcoin 
  • Enter the Bitcoin’s amount and the address of receipient or BTC address
  • Tap next
  • Select a speed 
  • Tap confirm to send Bitcoin 

Are there things you should keep in mind before sending Bitcoin?

Yes, the users should keep following things in mind before they send bitcoin on Cash App:

  • You should receive Bitcoin from any wallet using Blockchain on Cash App
  • The minimum amount is 0.00001 BTC or 1,000 satoshis per transaction 
  • You should be aware of Bitcoin sending limits weekly and monthly limits 

Steps on how to select Bitcoin sending limits:

  • Open Cash App
  • Tap the Money tab 
  • Tap Bitcoin tile icon
  • Scroll down and select Bitcoin Limits 

Is there fee Cash App charge for buying or selling Bitcoin?

Yes, it m,ay charge a small fee when you buy or sell Bitcoin. On Cash App Bitcoin price is taken or calculated based on the mid-market price on different major exchanges. 

You can make speedy withdrawal by paying a small fee or can choose standard deposit which may take 1-3 business days. 

And there is service fee if you select standard withdrawal. further, you can easily check the fee for withdrawing a specific Bitcoin:

Open Cash App

navigate and tap Activity tab on the home screen

find and tap three dot (...) in the top right corner

you can see the fee and exchange rate there 

How to earn money with Bitcoin on Cash App

you can earn money on Bitcoin by trading in Bitcoin, using Bitcoin Boost, and Buying Bitcoin. 

As aforesaid, Bitcoin is the digital currency and you can convert it into money any time. it is the first cryptocurrency and luckily you can buy Bitcoin on Cash App. Further, we have also mentioned the way on how to earn money with Bitcoin on Cash App. 

As you might be knowing you can trade in bitcoin, buy Bitcoin for long duration and can earn money using Bitcoin Boosts. all these ways can help you earn money with Bitcoin on Cash App. Bitcoin trading and buying is riskier than the stocks but the profilt is also higher as compared to stocks or other form of investing. 

as we know the more risk we take, the more money we can earn and the same applies with Bitcoin. However, you can also use Bitcoin Boosts to earn money and you can found Bitcoin Boosts in the Boost carousel that work like normal Boosts. 

to use Bitcoin and get Bitcoin, you need to use your Cash App Card and the Bitcoin will be added to your Bitcoin balance automatically. 

Steps on how to add a Boost:

Open Cash App

Navigate and tap Save with Boost 

tap a Bitcoin boost 

tap add Boost 

start earning Bitcoin with Boost 

How to check your Bitcoin balance 

open Cash App 

select investing tab on the home screen 

Select bitcoin 

FAQs: How to send Bitcoin and earn money with Bitcoin 

Q1. Do you need to pay taxes on selling Bitcoin?

It depends on the information you provide in the form W-9 and it is your responsibility to determine any tax impact on your bitcoin transactions. 

Q2. How can I send Bitcoin on Cash App?

you can send Bitcoin on Cash App and it is same as sending money on Cash App. you need to have the recipient's phone number, $Cashtag, or email address to send Bitcoin. 

And you need the same detail while sending money on the Cash App


You can earn money with bitcoin on Cash App by using Bitcoin trading, investing and Bitcoin Boosts. Further, users can buy, sell, and send Bitcoin on Cash App and we have shown you the steps on how to send Bitcoin on Cash App. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency launched that uses Blockchain technology and is a decentralised currency. It means no single instituion can conrol it. luckily, it is a favorable add-on feature on Cash App because you can earn money with Bitcoin. Go through the above post to know how to earn money with bitoin on Cash App. 

Finally, we hope this simple will help you in understanding how Bitcoin work and how to send it to others. 


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