Order Cash App Card: Who Can Order A Cash App Card And How

Order Cash App Card: Who Can Order A Cash App Card And How

Order Cash App Card: Who Can Order A Cash App Card And How

Do you want to enjoy anytime and anywhere cash withdrawal with Cash App? Alright, are you a resident of the US? If yes, you can order a Cash App card to cash money anytime at ATMs. This quick guide will cover all aspects of a Cash App Card such as who can order and how to order it. Once you have ordered you need to activate it. Continue reading to know how a Cash App Card works. 

Who can order Cash App Card?

Cash App Card is a prepaid Visa debit card issued by Sutton Bank to the Cash App users. All the verified Cash App users can order a Cash App Card. A Cash App Card can debit only money you have in your Cash App balance because it is linked to a Cash App balance and not with the linked banks. Once there is no balance in Cash App, you have to reload it to use your Cash App Card online or in-stores.

How to order a Cash App Card Online?

Users can order a Cash App Card online if they have verified their Cash App account. Cash App Card is a customisable debit card so, the users can design it before ordering their Cash App Cards. You do not need to pay any fees for ordering a  black & white Cash App Card. But you have to pay $5 for ordering a colored one.  

How to design and order Cash App Card on Cash app

Follow the steps shown here to design  Cash App Card:

Open the Cash App > select the Cash App Card tab on the home screen > Now select ‘Get free Cash App card’ > continue > personalise your signature show your Cashtag then sign it >enter your mailing address with your first and last name > order your card.

Once ordered successfully, you should receive it within 10 working days. 

Once your Cash App Card is ordered, you have to look for how to activate it. 

There are two ways to activate a Cash App Card: with QR code and Without QR code.

To activate a Cash App card, the steps are:

Open Cash App

Go to Cash App Card image 

Tap activate Cash App Card

Select ok to give camera permission to scan your QR code  

Scan QR code available on the card and you have activated it 

If the QR code is not visible properly or not working, you can activate it using the CVV and expiry date you can see on the card. The steps are the same as you followed to activate using the QR code but at the end choose CVV instead of QR code. 

Enter your card details such as CVV and expiry date. 

What if you have lost or someone has stolen your Cash App card?

If you have lost or someone has stolen your card you can order a new Cash App Card. 

Here are the steps you follow:

How to order a new Cash App Card

Here are the steps to order a new Cash App Card:

Open Cash App > select ‘Cash App Support’ > select ‘Report your Cash Card’ > select one from stolen/compromised or card missing’ > follow the onscreen prompts to get a new Cash App Card. 

How does a Cash App card work?

As aforesaid, Cash App Card is a visa debit card therefore, you can use it anywhere visa payments are accepted. Further, you can use it for Online and in-stores payments. Since it is linked with your Cash App, your Cash App balance should not go negative because once you empty your Cash App balance, you can’t use a Cash App Card. 

How to use Cash App card at the stores near you

Since it is a Visa debit card, you can use it like other Visa debit cards or bank cards. You can make payments at stores just like you make with other debit cards provided the Visa payments are accepted at the store you visit. 

How to use Cash App Card at ATMs

Since a Cash App Card is a Visa debit card, it works and looks similar to a bank debit card. Like other debit cards, you can use a Cash App Card at ATMs to withdraw money from. 


Q1. Can all Cash App users order a Cash App Card?

No, only the verified Cash App users can claim Cash App Cards. However, it is quite easy to verify your Cash App and you can provide your date of birth, full name, and the last four digits of your SSN. if satisfied, Cash App verifies your account immediately, if no, it may ask more information about you. 

Q2. What is the contact number to order a Cash App Card?

Cash App provides only one contact number and that is 1(800) 969-1940. However, you should try this number between Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm EST.

Q3. Can a user order a Cash App Card for free?

You can order a free Cash App Card if you choose black and white card. But you need to pay $5 if you choose a coloured one or glow in dark card. 

Q4. Can you order a Cash App Card without SSN or verifying account?

No, you can’t order a Cash App Card without verifying your Cash App account. Further, you can’t verify your Cash App account without SSN. 


Cash App Card is an add-on feature to Cash App and the users can pay online and in-stores using this card. We have shown you how to order a Cash App Card and hope you have understood how it works. In addition, users can withdraw money from ATMs like other users. Ordering a Cash App Card is completely safe because Cash app is very serious for the platform security. Because of security reasons, there are millions of users in the US and the UK  and there is no growth stoppage yet. Finally, we hope this quick guide on how to order a Cash App Card is useful for you. 

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